Frame Properties


Welcome Home


Frame exists to build homes with heart and soul. Homes that stand the test of time and enrich the lives of our homeowners and the communities we serve. Where everything, from the landscaping to the architecture, inspires curiosity and conversation. The way your home feels and the people you live with. It’s all meant to convey one thought – Welcome Home.


Timeless design isn’t about standing still. It’s about standing out even as the world changes around us. The recognition that less is so often, more. Simple architecture is done well with attention to the details that matter. This is what ensures your home will remain relevant for generations to come.


Every Frame Home starts from the same spot. You. Our homeowners. From the moment you walk in the door until you’re lying in your bed, we walk in your footsteps and imagine how you’ll live. Every inch is designed to maximize your experience, utility and joy. After all, it’s the biggest investment you’ll ever make. When you’ve lived in your home for a while, we’d love to drop by, share a coffee and have a conversation to understand how we can make your next home even better.


Every home is part of something greater. It’s part of a community that existed before it and will exist long after it’s gone. These communities have stories to tell when we listen. That’s what we do. Our job is to bring these stories to life. It starts with walking the community, studying its character and talking to the people who live there. Then, it’s time to get to work, making sure we tell the story each of our homes deserves.


It starts with you. It ends with you. It’s everything we do and why we’re here. It’s about so much more than your home. It’s about building a place that encourages connection, fosters community, and creates a sense of belonging. A place you want to come home to. A place for you to celebrate with those you love. Welcome Home.