Frame Properties

We’re Homebuilders

It’s What We Do

We build multi-family homes and communities from the ground up and have experience with:

  • Feasibility
  • Acquisitions
  • The Right Partnership
  • Development approvals
  • Construction management
  • Sales and marketing processes
  • Project capital, finance and reporting

The Right Partnership

As homebuilders, we understand the pressures you’re under with increased costs, complicated and challenging timelines and the interest burn that comes with it. We see it ourselves. We understand it and it’s why we treat every project dollar as our own. When we’re not building homes, we want to work with people who are. The right people.

Our goal is to form strategic partnerships with people who share our core values and who believe in the importance of:




If this is you, Reach Out.

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Site Acquisition and Analysis

Selection of architects and project team: program development, negotiation of contracts, and coordination of design criteria. Confirmation of design / program compatibility, and management of design team through to occupancy.

Development Approvals

  • Making applications for:
    • Zoning Variances
    • Coordination of development and building permits
    • Coordination of ongoing municipal approval processes
  •  Handling the RFP process and assembling the best project teams
  • Negotiating and navigating municipal costs. We do our homework to obtain the best outcomes
  • Overseeing and clearly communicating with all project teammates to ensure adherence to project schedule, and quickly troubleshooting obstacles
  • We engage with local communities through workshops and consultations to ensure the development meets their needs and enhances their quality of life

Architectural Design and Innovation

Selection of the project team, program development, negotiation of contracts, and coordination of design criteria. Confirmation of design / program compatibility, and management of the project team through to occupancy.

Construction Management

  • Work with project team to complete the design for a smooth and stress-free Building Permit application process
  • Proactively managing costs and continuously value-engineer to make sure the project stays within Budget
  • Monitor the construction activities and schedule to deliver on schedule with the quality expected
  • Identify options in contracting methods to respect schedule and risk/reward parameters
  • Negotiations of construction contracts and ongoing owner representation
  • Control, analysis, and management of the construction contracts

Marketing and Sales

Creating strategic marketing campaigns to attract both residents and businesses, utilizing a customized sales approach to showcase the unique features and sustainable advantages of our developments.

Project Finance and Investment

  • Fractional CFO services
  • Review of financial goals and objectives
  • Advise on options to achieve goals and objectives
  • Preparation of project pro-forma, cost control reports and cash-flows
  • Establishing financial control system, processes and ongoing project reporting
  • Control and mitigation of change orders and project expenses through industry-accepted accounting procedures
  • We identify a project’s sources and uses and resulting capital stack requirements and obtain sufficient bank and mezzanine financing to build out the project